"Sugar And Rain" 2001

"Playin' The Fly" 1999

At The Burren 2002

At The Green Street Grill

Katie & Irina

At Crossroads in Belgium

With Little Wolf & Mojo

Little Wolf & The Mojos
In the spring of 1999, Irina Yalkowsky was already playing out in several different groups, both on guitar and theramin. However, she was intriqued by the gritty reality of street busking, and busy Harvard Square was the logical place to try out the dream. Kate Frend, a vetran singer and bass player herself, teamed up with Irina and the two started performing that summer in the Cambridge, Ma's own Harvard Square with a soulful batch of blues standards and orginals. Katie and Irina's full yet laid-back sound captivated everyone that walked by, and soon they had fans from all over the world. They played as often as they could, and quickly made a debut CD entitled "Playin' The Fly", selling hundreds.

By the fall of 1999, Irina (sometimes spelled "Arina") booked the act into the Davis Square, Somerville venue The Burren. The audience and staff fell in love, and from then on, the duo played about once a month, usually backed by "Little Wolf & The Mojos". Some of the Boston-area based musicians that joined the duo on stage included the late, great "Mayor of Central Square" Henry Lee Spencer, "Boston's Queen of the Blues" singer Shirley Lewis, singer/guitarist/harmonica player Dennis Brennan, singer Dave Kulund, saxophonists John Aruda, Mario Perez and Gordon Beadle, drummers Mike Pheil, Nicky Kulund and Brian Butler, bassist Bob Abruzzi, along with original "Little Wolf & The Mojos" members bassist Kate Seavey & keyboardist Don Reed.

Katie and Irina recorded a second CD, "Sugar And Rain", in early 2001, and continued to play Harvard Square, The Burren, The House of Blues, Les Zygomates Wine Bar and private parties. The duo continued to wow the fans up until October of 2002, when Irina moved to New York City to pursue her life and music there. Katie moved with her family to Southern New Hampshire in June of 2003, is the mother of two children as well as an amazing hair stylist, and continues to ponder her next musical project.
-Kate Seavey

"The point of "chaos theory" is to gain understanding of the unpredictable, unordered or random." journalism students' online news service

"For many musicians, life on the road means private jets and monolithic sound systems that could deafen a concert arena." boston magazine

"For blue-eyed blues phenoms Katie and Arina, street busking has its rewards, but club dates (like the ones they've been playing lately at Les Zygomates and House of Blues) have become increasingly more appealing." boston herald

"You may have seen Arina playing slide guitar with busking partner in crime Katie, performing on the streets and subway platforms of Harvard Square." weekly dig

"The story of Arina Yalkowsky, fast-rising hot licks blues guitarist and theramin player, is one of determination and pure musical dedication." boston globe

Old News
A partial gig list and old notes

live at tt the bears
live at the green street grill
live at the burren
belgium tour
in recording studio
live at the freedom rally
irina at the hatch shell
live at the burren
henry at the donut shop
little wolf & the mojos promo shot (photo by Liz Linder)
little wolf & the mojos (photo by Liz Linder)
portrait of irina in "the noise"
on the cover of "northeast performer" with djm
inside cover of "northeast performer" with djm
djm at tt the bears
henry lee spencer
irina at the lizard lounge

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"big road" (604k) At The Burren 1/13/01
"walkin' blues" (336k) At The Burren 1/13 01
"ramblin' man" (654k) At TT The Bears 5/22/00
"hurts me too" (791k) At TT The Bears 5/22/00
"whose been talking" (1.4mb) At The Freedom Rally 9/16/00
"bring it on home to me" (1.5mb) At The Freedom Rally 9/16/00
"automobile" (400k) At The Green Street Grill 5/29/00
"rattlesnakin' daddy" (1mb) At The Green Street Grill 5/29/00

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