Krush Truck
Krush Truck is my super fun basement band with Don, my brother Nat, and one of my best friend's ever, Dwight Doherty.

On one of his earliest visits to Maine in the Fall of 2003, I convinced Dwight to join us as we jammed in the basement and to start singing. Dwight quickly fell in love with the microphone and has jumped on the Truck and never jumped off. We started with cover songs from the classic rock era, but have more recently developed some original songs, with lyrcis by Mr. Doherty and arrangements by the band.

Krush Truck has developed it's own sound and attitude and we look forward to many long years of basement jams and recordings. And who knows..maybe someday we might even play a gig.

six pack jack (3.5 mb recorded 11/2/07)
3up (2.4 mb recorded 7/15/07)
who do you love (48 kb recorded 11/24/06)
messing around (1.7 mb recorded 11/24/06)
lucky (2.1 mb recorded 7/30/06)
somebody else's blues (2.7 mb recorded 7/30/06)
whiskey (2.7 mb recorded 7/30/06)
mercury (936 kb recorded 7/30/06)


somebody else's blues
sixpack jack
come together
should have been there

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