Project X
Project X was my 2nd band. 1993-1994. Grew out of the original acoustic duo ThE kRiTiX (which in turn later became the 4-piece ThE kRiTiX).

Loud, crappy, unorganized, sloppy, & drunk. Cheap instruments through an old borrowed Peavey PA that you had to bang with your fist to make it work. We never played out of our rehearsal space on the fourth floor of the Music Complex. It rocked.

The band was: Terry (formerly Hughes) Surles on drums, Kate Seavey on bass and backing vocals, Kevin Mahoney on guitar and main vocals.

We played mostly cover songs. Songs like "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", "Memphis", "Spill The Wine", "Hello Marylou", and "White Rabbit", and the theme songs to tv shows "Gilligans Island" and "I Dream Of Jeannie". Kevin sang his heart out and scratched out sketchy guitar solos. I flew all over the fret board of my old Fender blues bass and whispered out slightly off-key back up vocals. Terry played every beat on the drums like it could very well be his last.

The band broke off after a year, but none of us ever quit playing.

rumble (10/27/93)