THE BAR SONG - In Celebration for Nat & Eryn's wedding
September 4, 2004 -Written by Me

Nat was kinda bored one day
so he got up on his bicycle
and tooled around Cambridge and Somerville
He found himself in Davis Square
Felt thirsty for an ice cold beer
So he popped into a trendy new bar called the Joshua Tree

Well he sat down at a barstool
fixed his gaze up at the game
The Red Sox were pummeling the Yankees zero to nine
He was minding his own business
when he felt a tap on his shoulder
and he turned to see a sight for sore eyes

She had beautiful big green eyes
a head of golden curls
Nat was stunned by the vision of this girl
She looked him in the eye
Beaming with a wide smile
and said, "excuse me, but is your name Ely?"

It took Nat a moment to register
So blown away was he by this girl
But he compossed himself enough to answer her
And while Nomah was up at bat
He turned to her cool as a cat
and replied, no, my name is Nat
(that's Nat, with an "N", no not Matt, not Nate, Nat!)

This girl she seemed dissapointed
as she scanned the room once more
And she blushed and apologized
You see I was supposed to meet a blind date here
But I don't know what he looks like
So if it's ok with you I'd like to wait right here (Nat said, sure, pull up a stool)

Hello, my name is Eryn
and I was born and raised in Vermont
so Nat just had to ask, oh do you like to ski?
Why yes I rather love it, she said,
and in fact I'm not too shabby
When it comes to downhill if you ask me
(Cool, Nat thought, I wonder if she could keep up with Turbo and Avalanche and the G-Man?)

Nat bought Eryn a cold drink and
as they sat there together
Something seemed to click for both of them
Well the afternoon just flew by
and the conversation flowed like wine
And they both felt quite smitten by the end of the day

Nat got Eryn's phone number
and a big piece of her heart
And held his breath that she could be the One
And Eryn later met Ely
but the chemistry just didn't fly
and secretly she hoped that Nat would call

Call he did not long after that
and soon they realized the simple fact
That they were falling head over heels in love
One year later Nat got down on his knee
took her hand and said you won't you please
Make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife

This golden girl with the easy grace
said Yes of course, name the time and place
So now here we all are together from far away
We have the distinct pleasure to celebrate
Be witness to this wedding day
For Mr. Nathanial John Marden Seavey and Ms. Eryn Francis McKewan
(soon to be Mrs. "See Bee")

So the moral of this sweet true tale
is one they say usually does not prevail
But in this case proves the myth to be untrue
Was it fate or was it destiny
That they met that day at the Joshua Tree
All I can say is, Hell Ya, I'm glad they did!

Well they say your love will not go far
If you meet each other in a bar
But now we know sometimes that isn't true

Well they say your love will not go far
If you meet each other in a bar
But for Nat and Eryn
for Eryn and Nat
for these two love birds
That isn't true!

Congratulations, we love you!