Black Cat Road (band page)
Josephine (10-9-10)
Gasoline And Matches (8-26-11)
Angel From Montgomery (8-26-11)
Crow Stew (8-6-11)
Honky Tonk Women (10-9-10)

The Stalagmites (band page)
Go Outside (1-14-11)
Sunday Radio (5-9-09)
Thank You (5-8-10)
Yesterday When I Was Young (1-30-10)
The Scrabble Song
You're No Good For Me
Kinda Funky
Pete's Song
Dress For Parties (9-7-97)
Hope And Desperation (1-30-10)

Krush Truck (band page)
Somebody Else's Blues
Should Have Been There (6-16-07)
Six Pack Jack (11-2-07)
3 Up (7-28-07)
Who Do You Love

Rock Pile (7-16-10)
Robotic Nat (6-18-08)
The Funk House (6-18-08)
Prelude (6-18-08)
Hack (6-18-08)
People Are Stupid (7-18-08)

Looking Glass (2016)
Born In The Sixties (early 90's)
Bottom Line (early 90's)
Can't Stop (early 90's)
Hello Lonely (early 90's)
I Think I Know Him (early 90's)
Little Of You (early 90's)
Stupid Beat (early 90's)

Little Wolf & The Mojos (band page)
Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White Rehearsal (4-98)
A Waste Of Time (Original by Irina) Rehearsal (8-16-98)
Bag's Groove Live at Joe's Twin Villa (7-14-96)
Henry's Blues w/ Henry Lee Spencer (4-6-97)
Hey Little Girl w/ Henry Lee Spencer (4-6-97)

Shirley Lewis Show Band
Black Jack (6-14-10)

Maine Bands
Can't Understand Tailgate Blues Jam (8-29-10)
Beer Goggle Blues Tailgate Blues Jam (5-9-10)
Natural Ball Brandy Pond Jam (11-4-08)
Fever IC Waters Band (11-8-08 )
Blue Monk The Sensations (1-25-05)

Basement Bands
Butterfly Nye and Kate (11-28-09)
Mojo Working The Silver Foxes (12-22-07)
My Funny Valentine The Silver Foxes (12-22-07)
Blue Monk The Silver Foxes (12-22-07)
Spiderman The Silver Foxes(12-22-07)

Early Bands
The Monster Mash Projext X (9-14-93)
Rumble Project X (10-27-93)
Bed's Too Big Triple 08
Had A Plan Triple 08
Samba Blade (12-4-92)
Sex You Up Blade (2-15-92)
I Ain't Going Out Like That Blade - song & vocals by Collaboration (12-31-91)
Too Far Gone Jill & Kate (1-13-91)
So Sorry Jill & Kate (1-13-91)
She Jill & Kate(1-13-91)