Bands Current & Past:

Black Cat Road – (bass/vocals) 2010 – ****
Dustin LaDale Band – (bass/backing vocals) 2014 – 2015
Barry Arvin Young Band – (bass) 2011 – 2015
Garry Black & The Blues – (bass) 2010 – 2010
I.C. Waters Band – (bass/guitar/vocals) 2008 – 2010
Crapshoot – (guitar/vocals) 2006 – ****
Krush Truck – (guitar/vocals) 2003 – 2015
The Stalagmites – (guitar/vocals) 1997 – ****
The Steve Bailey Band – (guitar) 2005 – 2006
The Sensations – (guitar/vocals) 2004 – 2005
Katie & Irina – (bass) 2000 – 2003
The Kritix – (guitar/vocals) 2000 – 2001
Shake 747 – (bass/backing vocals) 1996 – 1997
Little Wolf & The Mojos – (bass/MC) 1995 – 1998
Project X – (bass/guitar/vocals) 1993 – 1994
Shirley Lewis – (bass) full-time 1992 – 1994, sub 1994 – 2003
Two Scoops Combo – (bass) 1991 – 1992
Blade – (guitar) 1990 – 1991

Great Musicians I’ve Shared A Stage With:

Alabama Frank O’Brien, Alizon Lissance, Alex Gingrich, Amedee Castenell, Amyl Justin, Andrea Gillis, Andy Oliver, Annie Raines, Arthur King, Barbeque Bob Maglinte, Barry Arvin Young, Billy Blue, Brendan Hogan, Brian Butler, Bobby Faria, Bub Lynch, Cheryl Ann Aruda, Cheryl Renee, City Pete Poirier, Chicago Bob Nelson, Chris Anzalone, Chris Stovall Brown, Chris Hartogh, Dan Vigden, Darrell Nulisch, Dave Wakefield, Davey Sturdevant, David Ellis, David Kulund, David Maxwell, Dave Mello, Debbie Sarjeant, Dennis Brennan, Don Reed, Donn Scott Shetler, Dustin LaDale, Earring George Mayweather, Emily Grogan, Eric “Two Scoops” Moore, Garry Black, Henry Lee Spencer, Howard Randall, Irina Yalkowsky, James Cotton, Jeff Christiansen, Jessica Hines, Jill “Chilly” Kurtz, Jim Ambrose, John Aruda, John Donahoe, Jose Ramos, Kate Frend, Kathy Burkly, Kem Stralka, Kenne Highland, Kevin Mahoney, Lauren Williams, Lindsey Montanna, Louis Guillaume, Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson, Madeline Hall, Mark Barnicle, Mark “Guitar” Miller, Mario Perrett, Marty Joyce, Micky Bones, Mike Hayward, Mike Piehl, Nancy Delaney, Ned Smith, Nicky Kulund, Pam Baker, Paul Ahlstrand, Paul Dube, Paul Rishell, Pepper, Peter Hi-Fi Ward, Phil Dutch Hoak, Richard Malcom, Ricky King Russell, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Rodney Brown, Sax Gordon Beadle, Scott Aruda, Shirley Lewis, Sid The Kid, Silas Hubbard Jr., Sir Cecil Esquire, Skip Fisher, Steve “I.C. Waters” Bailey, Susan Tedeschi, Teddy Larkin, Tommy O’Connell, Trent Souder,Tuffy Kimball, Watermelon Slim, Weepin’ Willy …..

Venue’s I’ve Performed At:

Maine: Almalfi On The Water, American Legion (New Gloucester – S.Paris – Rumford – Mechanic Falls), Anchor Inn, Annie O’Rourkes, Ball Park at Old Orchard Beach, Baxter Brewing, Bayside Bowl, Bicentennial Park Denmark, Bray’s Brew Pub, Bridgton Public LIbrary, Brother Fleckers, Buck-It Grill & Pub, Buck’s Naked BBQ, Bull Feeney’s, Bumpa’s Bar & Grill, Causeway Concert Stage, Damariscotta River Grill, Denmark Arts Center, Duck Puddle Campground, Eagles Club Gardiner, Eagles Club New Gloucester, Eagles Club Windham, Ebenezer’s Pub, Elks Club Farmington, Fast Breaks, Flask Lounge, 49 Franklin, The Freedom Cafe, Fryeburg Fairgrounds, Fusion Lounge, Gary’s Old Towne Tavern, Gatch’s Food & Spirits, Geno’s, GFB Scottish Pub, Gilbert’s Chowder House, Gingko Blue, Gritty McDuffs Brew Pub, Harrison Town Green, Harvest On The Harbor, H.B. Emery School, Higher Grounds, Hog Heaven, Hotel Rumford, Hydeout At The Wharf, Jim’s, Kerrymen Pub, King Eider’s Pub, Lakeside Lounge, Last Call, Le Cage, LeFleur’s, The Left Bank, Legends at Sunday River, Littlefield Beaches Campground, Maine Craft Distilling, Maine Meeting House, Mathews Pub, McSeagulls, Mediterranean Grill, Mike’s Waterfront Grill, Mixers, Montebello’s Ristorante, Mt. Abrams Ski Resort, Naral’s Restaurant, New Castle Publik House, Norway UU Church, Old Port Festival, O’Leary’s Tap, Pastimes Bistro & Pub, Peak Lodge at Sunday River, Port City Music Hall, Portgarden Inn, Portland Lobster Company, Railroad Pub, Raoul’s, Rick’s Cafe On The Causeway, Riverwalk Blues & Art Festival, Run Of The Mill Pub, Schooner Landing, Seasons Grill, Sliders at Sunday River, Somerset Abbey, Songo River Queen, South Ridge Lodge at Sunday River, Sully’s Tavern, Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill, The Big Easy, The Dogfish Bar & Grill, The Frog & Turtle, The Pier at Old Orchard Beach, The Phoenix at Sunday River, The Lodge At Northern Outdoors, Sapphire Club, The Skybox, Somerset Abbey, Spring Point Cafe, Sud’s Pub, Sundown Entertainment Center, Sunset Bar & Grill, The Venue, Time Out Pub, Tucker’s Music Pub, UpTown O’Leary’s Tap, Verillo’s, The Whaler, Waterford Fairgrounds, Westbrook Riverwalk Festival, West Cove Lounge, WMPG Portland, Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Wrong Turn Pub

Massachusetts: The Abbey Lounge, Atlantic Bar & Grill, The Barleyneck, Barmuda Triangle, Bedford Commons, Bill’s Bar, The Black Rhino, The Black Rose, The Blue Train, Boston Blues Cruises, Boston Commons, The Burren, The Cantab Lounge, Cantares, Carlisle UU Church, The Chickenbone Saloon, Club Good Times, Club Horizons, Club 3, Cocobean Cafe, Cyclorama, The Dodge Street Bar & Grill, The Dog House, The Druid, Ed Burke’s, The Eleventh Chapter, The Fishmonger, Gillreins, The Green Street Grill, The Grog, Harper’s Ferry, Harry’s Blues Bar, The House of Blues, The Hideaway Lounge, Indian Hill Ranch, Jacque’s, Joe’s Twin Villa, Johnny D’s Uptown, The Kendall Cafe, The Kirkland Cafe, Lansdown Music Hall, Life Is Good Offices, The Linwood Grill, The Lizard Lounge, The Longwarf Marriott, Lowell Commons, The Marketplace Cafe, Mama Kins, Maxims, Melvins, The Middle East, Mount Wachusset, Murphy’s Law, Myopia Hunt Club, Newburyport Concert Room, Newburyport Town Green, Newburyport Town Hall, O’Brien’s Pub, Old Vienna Coffeehouse, Orleans Inn, The Outrigger, The Park Plaza Castle & Hotel, The Pheonix Landing, The Place, The Plantation Club, The Plough & Stars, The Rack, Ralph’s, The Ratskellar, Rendesvous, Salem State College, Scullers Jazz Club, Shaharazad, The Silhouette Lounge, The Skybar, The Tam, TT The Bears, UMass Boston, UU Church Carlisle, The Village Steakhouse, The Western Front, WGBH Studio, The Wintertide Coffeehouse, The Yard Rock, Zoots

New Hampshire: The Blue Fish, Delaney’s Hole In The Wall, Muddy River Smokehouse, Old Mill Inn, Portsmouth Commons, Prescott Park, Ramada Inn, Rosa’s, The Rynborn, The Rave,The Sheraton Hotel, The Stormy Monday Cafe, VFW Milford

Rhode Island: Chan’s, The Green Room, The Last Call, Roger William Park

Other: Guido Murphy’s (Putney, CN), Temperence House (Newton, PA), Blues Fest (Lancaster, PA), Day Fest (Allentown, PA), Uninison Learning Center (New Paltz, NY), Sidney Sidestreet (Rehobeth Beach, DE), Applefarm Folk Fest (NJ), Fat Fish Blue (Cleavland, OH), The Dell (Colombus, OH), Canal Street (Dayton, OH), Blues Festival (Soiux City, IA), Mississippi Valley Blues Fest (Davenport, IA), The Fine Line (Minniapolis, MN), The Slippery Noodle (Indianapolis, IN), Scenic River Days (Redding, PA), Jazz Club (Camden, NJ), John & Peters (New Hope, PA), The Moles Eye (Brattleboro, VT)

Hosted Weekly Jams:

2009 – 2015 Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill, Gray, Me
2004 – 2005 Bray’s Brew Pub, Naples, Me
1996 -1998 Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, Ma
1995 -1996 Ed Burke’s, Boston, Ma
1994 -1995 The Western Front, Cambridge, Ma


Black Cat Road “The Baddest Apple” Cd 2020 (bass/vocals)

Black Cat Road “Black Cat Road” Cd 2017 (bass/vocals)
Black Cat Road “Crow Stew” Ep 2011 (bass/backing vocals)
The Stalagmites “Nobody Knows” Ep 2001 (guitar/vocals)
Katie & Irina “Sugar & Rain” Cd 2000 (bass)
Shirley Lewis “Blues Through My Eyes” Ep 2003 (bass)
Shake! 747 4-song demo tape 1997 (bass/backing vocals)

Guitar Gear:

Fender Stratocaster; Danelectro; Fender Vibrolux Reverb; Ibanez Tube Screamer; Boss Delay; CryBaby WahDa

Guitar Influences:

Chuck Berry, Neil Young, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Keith Richards, J Mascis

Bass Gear:

Ernie Ball Musicman Sting Ray; Ibanez Roadstar II; Fender Rumble 500; Ampeg SVT-Pro 300; GK 800rb Bass Amp; GK 4-10 Cab

Bass Influences:

Willie Dixon, Motown, Les Claypool, Flea